Sunday, April 26, 2009


After that lovely meal, the wonderful fun in the yard, and the truly engaging conversation that went on last night, we are truly going to miss these potlucks!

Wipe the kids out playing with friends and eat a magnificent feast: pasta with lemon and capers, homemade cheese and bread, blueberry pie - made on site, apple bread, quiche filled with one pig, fresh fruit, and to die for mango and black bean salsa.

Oh, man! I was hurting today. So stuffed.

Thanks to all who came out. What a blast.

With our planning coming to an end and the implementation of our efforts coming on Friday night, we are so glad that you have joined us on this little quest to make the world a better and prettier place. We will look forward to meeting again next year to plan for the official day, and certainly will welcome any ideas to have mini-meetings, plannings and bombings throughout the year.

Feel free to schedule an event and send it out to the group, or just call on individuals. That's ok too. Invite others along next year, if you would like. Use the guides, given out last night (available by e-mail, if you were not able to get one), to inspire greatness.

But enough about next week. Let's focus on this week!

Meeting at 7:30 PM, reconstruction site.bring - clothes to get dirty

any plants you want to add.

compost or top soil

tumbler or reusable coffee mug - for your drink

water jugs or milk jugs, filled with wonderful h20

the kids

8:00 PM = dark, so bring flash lights or head lamps

name tags will be provided

If you can't work with us and want to donate something, or just come and watch:

bring: sodas, lemonade, finger foods

plants, mulch or potting soil

a song or two, the new Common cd...

a banjo,fiddle, guitar, washboard

Can we get these guys?

a rest chair, icy thick cold shakes

a dramatic reading from your favorite book


Check for updates here on our website:

Well Fed Guerrillas:We do what we do, but never on an empty stomach.

It will be a pleasure to dig with you.-- Hannibal and Nora Belle

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