Sunday, April 12, 2009

Feedback, Code Names and Phase 3: Direction

Here are a couple of pictures of the proposed site.

We figured some of you talented visual people could use the blank pages to add what it might look like when we finished. Seems to be a shady spot. That's why the original stuff did not take.So, some hostas, lilies of the valley, etc. Open to suggestions, for those with gardening experience.

Reports from the field...

"Sunflowers to be dropped soon."

"I keep driving, looking and finding great places for plants."

"I sent my neighbor to our website. He said he has done something like this."

"I could run off some sheets from my dye-sub printer if you don't mind taking the paper cutter to them. Those would be completely water/weather proof."

"I'm sneaking a potted plant over to the back entrance of ______ this week - it needs something."

"I love the name! Somehow a banana logo comes to mind...."

"I visited the website and would love to be a part of the group! Let's get to planting!"

Code names so far:

Hannibal , for he watched too much A-Team as a kid.

Here is part of the Wikipedia article: The A-Team revolves around the four members of a former commando outfit and current group of mercenaries. Their leader is Col. John "Hannibal" Smith (George Peppard), whose plans tend to be unorthodox but effective. Lt. Templeton "Faceman" (usually referred to simply as "Face") Peck (Dirk Benedict — Tim Dunigan appeared as Templeton Peck in the pilot) is a smooth-talking con-man who serves as the team's appropriator of vehicles and other useful items. The team's pilot is Capt. H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock (Dwight Schultz), who has been declared insane and resides in a mental institution for the show's first four seasons. Finally, there is the team's strong man and mechanic, Sgt. B.A. "Bad Attitude" Baracus (Mr. T).

He (typist) is probably more like "Howling Mad," but that was a bit too much. Plus, now he can yell "Ich liebe es wenn ein Plan funktioniert" whenever he wants.

Other code names:

Mama Taney and Strawly


Now we are just waiting on yours!

Next step:

Field trip to the spot. E-mail us for the location. Too many people at once may be a bit too much, but let's give it a try. Let us know when you are available. We will be out Tuesday night, Wednesday and Friday. We could meet Monday, Tuesday day, Thursday, Saturday night or Sunday.


Turn in code name. When is the last time you had this much fun?

Work on plot design - see attached photos or personal seed dropping.

Consider collecting plants, gift cards ($5 max!) for the team.

One wonderful member has collected periwinkle plants for our plot.

Send e-mail if you would like to be on sub team for seed bomb creation.

Lastly, submit or vote on final Well Fed Guerrillas insignia, i.e. the awesomest guerrilla gardening insignia ever created (see below). This will allow us to have it printed out to be left with your plant or at the project sight.


BTW: You color your world.

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