Friday, April 24, 2009

Just think, after next week...we can slow it down...

hhhh-A Team!

What started out as a way to get families together and make Salem prettier has become a bit of a joy for Nora Belle and me. We look forward to meeting with everyone, including a few faces who were unable to meet with us last time.

We have word of sausage quiche, seed bombs, and some non-flame retardant beer, coming along with the various families tomorrow.

I haven't heard from Tooley D (code name given, since he never sent one!), but maybe some of that yummy bread, eh?

Come early, stay late. Arrive late, take off early. Just stop by. We would love to take an inventory and set up a design for Friday night.

Bring a list, or whatever plants you can. Lucky Lantana dropped off plants today. Thanks

LL! Beardless Jo (cng-shnso)- still on for taking some shots on May 1?

Thurston Howell (cng-shnso)- and his family? ideas, How was your trip?

Haftagetaways (cng-stnso)- where are you? we've got some work to do now!

Jammin J C(cng-shnso)- - in town?

Riddle Me This and Bell of the Ball (cng-stnso)- : Any chances you could come along? Riddle Me This - Chapter 10 made me sit on the edge of my seat!!!! Where were you when you wrote this stunning chapter and were you worried that someone might be looking over your shoulder? The N? WOW!

Mama G.G. is in the house!

Mama Taney, Strawly and the boys, are in the how-us!

Nora Belle, Hannibal, Bubba, AR-er, and Ninnan are in the HOUSE!

Too true and HA-H (cng-stnso) are coming along, I heard. Thanks you guys! What a brave band we are becoming!

OH! This just in! Bring a big rock and/or a plain t-shirt if you want a team t-shirt. Application party Saturday night! We have an iron, and we will use it for JUSTICE! and maybe bring a buck or two to pay Onion Brush, POD and Lulu back for buying the iron on transfers.

Couple of weeks ago, did you think we were going to have this much fun? updates at

-- Hannibal and Nora Belle"Ich liebe es wenn ein Plan funktioniert"

rent Man on Wire - stunning!

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