Monday, April 30, 2012

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Our theme song is in a different format this year.

Love ya!
Hello there, Folks(!) and welcome to the day before Guerrilla Gardening Day! In 2009, the Well-Fed Guerrillas met to choose a location and to plan out a crazy survival garden at our local Starbucks. The plans went swimmingly and we were able to make a big change happen overnight. Since then, we have returned several times to the same spot and have continued to create wonderful scenes of color for the visitors to our favorite caffeine dealership. Our efforts have been mentioned in several articles. The fine people at Starbucks at Lakeside have mentioned over and over that people continue to remark on this wonderful spot. When people visit this particular spot in our neighborhood, I want them to come away being wowed! And your work has made that happen! Tomorrow: Bring buckets, plants, top soil or just a great big smile. We'll be ever so glad to see you there.

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Hannibal and Nora Belle