Friday, April 10, 2009

Meeting 1 - the development

Thanks for joining us. Looking for an interesting name? No fear. I chose this totally lame one in the meantime. Might stick. You got something better?

Dinner was lovely - flank steak with peanut sauce, cous cous, three bean chili, amazing mac and cheese, homemade bread, beer - root, premium and lusious home brew, brownies and bananas foster. If I missed your side dish, forgive me. You must not have left any. We will put together a website to connect with each other. Let me know of your ideas. I will not bombard you with e-mails. We just want to keep this campy fun idea going.

We welcome your ideas and insight, especially if they are cool and ...insightful. This is just the filler. When's the next dinner?

A few plans were made and commitments were discussed. Music was shared, notes were read. Code names are a must.

Know that you were handpicked because of your clever quirkiness and exceeding talent. So get to work with that already.

Sub teams are needed: seed bombs, fundraisers, snacks, soundtracks, webdesign, clever comment writers, for our token, videographers and people to say "Dammit Donahues, leave us alone."

We won't change the world, just make it a gritty kinda way. Arghh... Muwa-ha-ha-haaah. Check with your talent account balance and let us know how and when you want to help. Let's get together again before May 1.



  1. We had such a fantastic time last night, thank you Donahues for having us over!! This is going to be fun! :)