Friday, April 17, 2009

Next meeting, in person...

We would like to invite you to our house one more time before the May 1st ground covering for Guerrilla Gardening Day. We will try to work up a fun e-vite, but we wanted to give you a heads up on the date. Saturday April 25th, at our house. E-mail if you need directions.

Potluck will be our weapon of choice. 6:30 still ok?

I know that some of you have prior engagements. These people will need to meet with us personally sometime before this. That's ok. We really like you.


Pick a code name already. I have to have something to write on your name tag.Hannibal, Norabelle, AR-er, Ninnan, Bubba, Onion Brush, POD, Mama Taney and Strawly have already completed that assignment. They have less homework than you!!!

We need plants, mulch and tools this week, as well. See what you can do about this. If each person donated one shade plant, we would be set. We have to fill the A-Team van.

Happy Earth Day this week, All.

Speaking of that, tomorrow on Grandin Village there is a lovely Earth Day celebration, including a raffle at the Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op, which will help raise money for Kids In the Valley, Adventuring! KIVA (for short) is a free monthly family nature club working to raise awareness of the lovely local parks. They get families out in the parks, show them free nature play activities, help the families learn about the environment and encourage them to volunteer together as a family. Check out their website at

-- Hannibal and Nora Belle

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