Saturday, May 2, 2009

well done WFGs!

Well done, WFG's. The ground covering was a success and today I received a personal thank you from the store manager. Thank you for your time and efforts! It was great working with you all. Over 50 plants were planted, new mulch was laid and a whole lotta fun was had.

Pictured: Ar-er, Ninnan, Bubba, Nora Belle, Lady Lantana, POD, Hannibal, and always clicking but never pictured -Flicker Clicker! also wic: an unnamed gentleman who stopped by to lend a hand! Let's just call him, hewholivesnextdoortochickens or Hewhodoesn'tcallthecopswhenhisneighbor'schickensjumpthefenceandtaunthisdogs. Thank you also for that!

Feel free to contact us anytime if you would like to start another action or host a potluck dinner at your house. Best wishes to you all. Thanks to those who donated and those who dug. You are awesome!

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