Wednesday, May 20, 2009

And the beat goes on....

I can't tell you how inspired NB and I have been lately to get back into the groove with our independent Salem beautification team, Well-fed Guerrillas.

We found a neat-o new spot. We have a new member, welcome Lilli Ocelot! and this just in: On a wild Wednesday coffee run, I discovered that the people who maintain the land lots at our first Guerrilla Gardening event, May 1 at Starbucks - Lakeside, had recently brought mulch to cover the areas. They mulched around all of our lovely flowers.

This must have been VERY time consuming for the individual, but OMG! It looks great! Out of respect for this unnamed person, we must...must continue in the fight!

Much love,Hannibal and Nora Belle Please welcome Lilli Ocelot! She is awesome. Dinner ideas? Plans? Looking for something around late June... Oh, and Nora Belle says it must happen at someone else's house this time. She is busy getting ready for the birthday party of the year.

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