Thursday, April 28, 2011

This Saturday night!!!!!!

We'd like for you to join us once again as we hit the old familiar spot for some updating.

Our green rock has faded, and the mint has taken over. Come along with us, grab a frap. or some other fun beverage and put a hole in the ground.

No potluck ahead of time this year. Sorry. Busy day for us round here.

Saturday night, 7 PM at the old familiar. Bring a plant or just drop one off.

Can't join us? Who needs you?
We do, actually.

But if you can't come to the greatest, dirtiest party all year, then at least do something about your own yard already. Sheesh.

Stick a sunflower in the ground somewhere fun. Send us pictures.

We love you.-- Hannibal and Nora Belle

p.s. We'll be joining forces again with that awesome group of youngens': KIVA (Kids In the Valley, Adventuring!). Check out their blog about the night here:

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